New Balance Training

Training of our Running specialists with interesting running analysis by Laurent Hoffmann of Numo systems.

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Urban Cycling Corner with Giro New Road

The Urban Cycling Corner at Velo Plus in Zurich is equipped with Giro New Road. Thanks for the nice presentation.

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Bell Helmets - BMX Team had a big success

The season started great for the BMX-Team Claessens'Kids. Arthur Claessens (Age 14-15), Damien Locarnini (16+ Elite) and Vincent Claessens (45+) drove on the first place. Loïc Liard (16+) was on third. Congratulations!

Team Claessens'KIds are sponsored by Bell with Full-9 Full-Face Helmets

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Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex sets the pool on fire

Arena has a new member in the Powerskin Carbon Pro family: The model Powerskin Carbon Flex. The new top racing suit convinces by the flexible fit and the color combinations.

The unique features of the Powerskin Carbon Pro collection remains true to Arena: intelligent compression and a perfect fit. New are the diversity and the flexibility.

Available from mid-April in two color combinations.

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New Balance - Summer Feeling

The New Balance 577 Seaside pack is inspired by sun loungers, ice cream and colorful carousels from the Victorian era.

Candy colors dominate the design and emphasize how beautiful a sunny day at the beach on the island can be. The woven packing label on the tongue, the weather map print on the insole and the Union Jack embroidered on the heel patch of M577, underline the high standard of quality that New Balance represents on each Made in England model.

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2. Survival Run with New Balance

Accompanied by excellent weather, around 2000 participants battled their way through mud and slush and over obstacles at the Thun Waffenplatz yesterday. The 11-mile-long course, with its 50 obstacles, demanded every last bit of resolve from the competitors. Despite all that grueling exertion, most of the participants did it and enjoyed it. Hearty congratulations to all the Survivors.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_4.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_5.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_6.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_7.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_8.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival run_9.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Survival Run_10.png 

Anticipation of Spring

Strong, aesthetic styles and designs in bold colors - the new QLOOM collection raises anticipation of the bike season.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_4.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_5.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_6.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_7.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_SS14_8.png

CHRIS sports at ÖSFA

CHRIS sports presents Qloom, New Balance and Björn Daehlie at the ÖSFA Winter fair in Salzburg.

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New Balance 980 Fresh Foam

New Balance has produced an absolute highlight with its M/W 980 Fresh Foam. Thanks to the use of microtechnnology, Fresh Foam delivers a soft, dynamic and secure sensation while running. The hexagon-shaped honeycomb structure of the midsole provides outstanding support for the shock absorption system. Intelligent design just got even smarter.

First New Balance Shop in Switzerland

The first New Balance Shop in Switzerland has been built at Ryffel Running in Uster.

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