KEEN launches European made Production

Four years ago, KEEN opened its own factory at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The goal was to create a space for learning and exploring, a role-model facility allowing for forward-looking footwear manufacturing that enables KEEN to produce high-quality shoes, manufacture top-of-the-line models closer to the main sales market that also reduces the environmental impact of current production processes.

The valuable experience gained in this process will be incorporated in KEEN’s new production site in Europe starting in early 2015-  a brand new centre of innovation based on discerning European standards will be created. With a long-term investment in innovation, high quality materials, customer-oriented product development and close to market production, KEEN will aim at producing a gradually increasing number of shoes from this new centre over the next few years.

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Donation campaign of CHRIS sports employees

The CHRIS sports team have spontaneously collected for the campaign called "Jeder Rappen zählt". The amount was increased 10x by the management and was delivered by some employees ad friends of CHRIS sports by bike from Münchwilen / TG to Lucerne. A total amount of CHF 7'555 .-- could be raised for "Familien auf der Flucht". Many thanks to all the donators as well as the bike team. We are proud of you. Well done guys!

Live Interview on radio SRF3 

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Björn Daehlie Kids Event 2014 Davos

Once again we can look back on a successful Björn Daehlie Kids' Event. Almost 400 children covered the fun course on Sunday, 12.14.2014. On the course they were supported as always by Björn Daehlie, one of the most successful cross-country skiers, along with top athletes from the Norwegian cross-country skiing team as well as skiers from the Swiss team. As has been the case each year, the highlight of the event was the cap which Björn Daehlie handed over to each child personally.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bio-Familia AG and Bischofberger AG who sponsored the PopCrunches and Appenzeller Biberli for the kids.

A big thank you is also due to the organization committee of Davos Nordic and the organization committee of the kids' event. They made the almost impossible become possible, enabling the children to ski along a perfect cross-country trail.

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tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-1a.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-5.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-6.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-8.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-9.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-10.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-11.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_KidsEvent_14-20.png

Change of management and new organizational arrangements at CHRIS sports

CHRIS sports is looking back of a positive growth rate in the current year and also for 2015 we are seeing positive business growth. Thanks to the attractive brand portfolio, growth is taking place in all segments. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all our customers and partners! Our progress is only made possible by strong products and partners. It is important for us to inform you about various changes at our establishment.

Damian Wirth is leaving CHRIS sports of his own volition after five years of successful performance as the Managing Director/CEO. During this time, along with the management team he created a new structure and orientation for the CHRIS sports group within a challenging environment. Damian is leaving the organization to become independent in the field of consulting. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to him for his great commitment and the substantial development of the CHRIS sports group and wish him all the best on his onward path.

From January 1, 2015, Christian Bättig will again assume leadership of the company himself. He is looking forward to this challenge! Until the end of the pre-ordering phase FW2015 or spring 2015, Damian will continue to actively support us and ensure an optimal handover.

More information you can find here.

Functional and stylish out on the cross country ski trails

The Björn Daehlie Traverse jacket and pants score big with their youthful, stylish design, and the jacket looks great away from the trails as well. The triple-layer soft-shell material features a waterproof membrane. The textured inner lining of the jacket provides warmth and comfort. The zippers are waterproof and the hood is removable. A fashionable eye-catcher on the trail.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversJkt_M.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversPant_M.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversJkt_W.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversPant_W.png


Run NYC - New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Limited Edition NYC Marathon.

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Dirt Offspring Series with Bell Helmets

4 Contests, 4 Dirt Games in 4 Swiss Dirt Parks - That's the Dirt Offspring Series

Young talents had the opportunity to ride contests without having lots of pressure. Rüti, Schlattingen, Steffisburg and Lenzburg were the hosts of the U22 contest and dirt games. The winner has the chance to compete against professional riders at Rocket Air 2015. Bell Helmets is the official sponsor of the series and supports further projects in the field of dirt and offspring.

Dirt Offspring Facebookpage:

New Balance at Ironman Hawaii

Impressions of Sebastian Kienle's und Mirinda Carfrae's Goldrace at Ironman Hawaii/Koona. We are proud of the two New Balance athletes.

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The next generation of Fresh Foam

The next generation of Fresh Foam is here: the Fresh Foam Zante! This is the Limited-Release NYC Fresh Foam Zante.