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Successful winter sports athletes

Dario Cologna wins the Distance World Cup with One Way poles and Julie Zogg (Giro helmet and goggle) won for the first time the big and small crystal globe. Congratulations.

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Qloom Highlights Summer 2015

Do what you love! Qloom highlights summer 2015 ... coming soon.

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Norway successful in Falun

At the Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 in Falun, Norway was the most successful nation - equipped with Björn Daehlie.

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New Balance Football

Why I joined New Balance Football:

We are New Balance Football

During a press conference on 4th February 2015, New Balance has confirmed its entry into the global football market and has announced its portfolio of club sponsorships, featuring Liverpool FC, Stoke City FC, FC Porto and Sevilla FC. Through these sponsorships, New Balance will bring its wealth of technical expertise and heritage to some of the biggest leagues in global football.

From World Cup and Europa League champions to Premier League and Primeira Liga winners, the players who have been chosen to represent the brand are united by their passion, talent and relentless desire to take themselves and New Balance to the top of football. The line-up includes Aaron Ramsey, Adnan Januzaj, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri and Marouane Fellaini, as well as Tim Cahill, Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas, Fernando Reges and Nikica Jelavic.

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KEEN launches European made Production

Four years ago, KEEN opened its own factory at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The goal was to create a space for learning and exploring, a role-model facility allowing for forward-looking footwear manufacturing that enables KEEN to produce high-quality shoes, manufacture top-of-the-line models closer to the main sales market that also reduces the environmental impact of current production processes.

The valuable experience gained in this process will be incorporated in KEEN’s new production site in Europe starting in early 2015-  a brand new centre of innovation based on discerning European standards will be created. With a long-term investment in innovation, high quality materials, customer-oriented product development and close to market production, KEEN will aim at producing a gradually increasing number of shoes from this new centre over the next few years.

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Donation campaign of CHRIS sports employees

The CHRIS sports team have spontaneously collected for the campaign called "Jeder Rappen zählt". The amount was increased 10x by the management and was delivered by some employees ad friends of CHRIS sports by bike from Münchwilen / TG to Lucerne. A total amount of CHF 7'555 .-- could be raised for "Familien auf der Flucht". Many thanks to all the donators as well as the bike team. We are proud of you. Well done guys!

Live Interview on radio SRF3 

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Björn Daehlie Kids Event 2014 Davos

Once again we can look back on a successful Björn Daehlie Kids' Event. Almost 400 children covered the fun course on Sunday, 12.14.2014. On the course they were supported as always by Björn Daehlie, one of the most successful cross-country skiers, along with top athletes from the Norwegian cross-country skiing team as well as skiers from the Swiss team. As has been the case each year, the highlight of the event was the cap which Björn Daehlie handed over to each child personally.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bio-Familia AG and Bischofberger AG who sponsored the PopCrunches and Appenzeller Biberli for the kids.

A big thank you is also due to the organization committee of Davos Nordic and the organization committee of the kids' event. They made the almost impossible become possible, enabling the children to ski along a perfect cross-country trail.

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