Reintroduction of the CT300

Originally released in 1979, the CT300 was one of the first ever tennis shoes produced by New Balance, offering superior cushioning and durbility on the court.
In 2014 this heritage style makes a return, hand-crafted from premium materials at New Balance's factory in Flimby, Uk.
CT300. Ace!

Giro New Road Competition

Giro New Road competition - participate now and win!

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Giro New Road/GNR_Men.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Giro New Road/GNR_Women.png

Arena Freestyle Breather

Arena Freestyle Breather - breathe better, swim better.

It's Running Time

Now it's your turn ...

Qloom Bikewear Test has tested and approved Qloom Bikewear. Click here for the report:


CHRIS sports at Bike Days 2014 in Solothurn

The sixth edition of the Bike Days in Solothurn was a big success again. 23'700 visitors enjoyed the biggest bike event in Switzerland with a lot of attractions. Of course CHRIS sports was part of it! Representing our brands Giro New Road, Bell Helmets, EVOC, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Race Face and Easton. Check it out...

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky 4.jpg

 tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Evoc.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Evoc 2.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Evoc 3.jpg

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Evoc 4.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Giro New Road.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Giro New Road 2.jpg

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky 2.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky 3.jpg

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky_5_Bear.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky Bear Backside.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Rocky_6.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Bell 1.jpg

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Bell2.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Race Face 1.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bike Days 2014/Race Face Easton.jpg

New Balance Shoes in a test

Three athletes have tested for New Balance shoes. Here are the reviews:

M890 NYC v4
tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB890_Sportalpen.png


tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB1400_Sportalpen.png


tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB12_Sportalpen.png

Qloom in World of MTB Magazine

Qloom has made it onto the front page of the World of Mountainbike magazine and one of the stories is illustrated with some beautiful pictures.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Titel.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Galerie1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Galerie2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Galerie3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Galerie4.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Qloom/Qloom_WOMB_Galerie5.png

First Podium for Rocky Mountain Rally Team

First Enduro World Series race, first podium for new Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally Team!

The final results for the team were:

  • Florian Nicolai - 3rd Overall
  • Isabeau Courdurier - 5rd Overall
  • Alex Cure - 7rd Overall
  • Jesse Melamed - 30rd Overall


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Happy Easter

CHRIS sports wishes you all a Happy Easter.