Functional and stylish out on the cross country ski trails

The Björn Daehlie Traverse jacket and pants score big with their youthful, stylish design, and the jacket looks great away from the trails as well. The triple-layer soft-shell material features a waterproof membrane. The textured inner lining of the jacket provides warmth and comfort. The zippers are waterproof and the hood is removable. A fashionable eye-catcher on the trail.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversJkt_M.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversPant_M.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversJkt_W.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Bjoern Daehlie/Bj_TraversPant_W.png


Run NYC - New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Limited Edition NYC Marathon.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_FreshFoam_Zante_NYC.png

Dirt Offspring Series with Bell Helmets

4 Contests, 4 Dirt Games in 4 Swiss Dirt Parks - That's the Dirt Offspring Series

Young talents had the opportunity to ride contests without having lots of pressure. Rüti, Schlattingen, Steffisburg and Lenzburg were the hosts of the U22 contest and dirt games. The winner has the chance to compete against professional riders at Rocket Air 2015. Bell Helmets is the official sponsor of the series and supports further projects in the field of dirt and offspring.

Dirt Offspring Facebookpage:

New Balance at Ironman Hawaii

Impressions of Sebastian Kienle's und Mirinda Carfrae's Goldrace at Ironman Hawaii/Koona. We are proud of the two New Balance athletes.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Sebi_1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Sebi_2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Sebi_3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Rinny_1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Rinny_2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Rinny_3.png

The next generation of Fresh Foam

The next generation of Fresh Foam is here: the Fresh Foam Zante! This is the Limited-Release NYC Fresh Foam Zante.


New Balance at "Vienna Night Run"

Run, have fun and do good things.

Our sales force in Austria has participated with his dealer Jochen Weiss and some of its customers at the "Vienna Night Run" (charity run).

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Vienna_1.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Vienna_2.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Vienna_3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Vienna_4.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_Vienna_5.png

CHRISmag Winter 2014/15

Our new CHRISmag fall/winter 2014/15 is online now.


Awards for Sugoi Products

RoadBIKE magazine tested 10 bib shorts for its 05/14 edition and the winner was the Evolution Bib Shorts!
Summary: Cycling shorts with outstanding fit, well-structured padding and comfort-plus cuffs.

The Zap Bike Jacket is one more Sugoi product that has now received a distinguished prize: the Eurobike Award. The jury's verdict: "The Zap Bike Jacket is not just an excellent rain jacket that offers every function you could possibly want. Its highly reflective material also impressed us as it makes the jacket light up completely in the dark."

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Sugoi/ZAP_Bike_Jacket.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Sugoi/Bib_Short_Testsieger.png

Distribution of Van Nicholas Titanium Bikes new at CHRIS sports

We are very pleased to announce that CHRIS sports will integrate Van Nicholas as an additional brand in our assortment bike. Van Nicholas is a dutch producer of high-quality titanium bikes. It fits perfectly into our brand portfolio.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Van Nicholas/Deckblatt_VanNicholas.png

Distribution of Onza Tires new at CHRIS sports

We are pleased to announce that CHRIS sports will integrate ONZA TIRES as an additional bike brand in the assortment. Onza Tires is a producer of high-quality tires with distinctive looks and healthy dose of "Swissness". It fits perfectly into our brand portfolio.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Onza Tires/Deckblatt_Blog_Onza.png