Andri Ragettli takes over the Freeski-scene

Thursday, November 24, 2016
At the age of only 17 years the vertical starter has come as a world cup winner already in Freeski Mount Olympus.
Andri Ragettli from Flims, grew up right next to the ski region in Laax. As the youngest son of a family of snow sports enthusiasts, it was clear from the start that Andri was destined for great things on skis. He first stood on a pair of skis at the tender age of two, and was soon taking part in his first ski races, until he lost the taste for this type of skiing and preferred to spend his time doing cool jumps at the edge of the piste, rather than speeding past the flags in the curves.

At the age of eight he took part in his first slopestyle contest. It was not long before Andri started taking part in contests in Switzerland, Austria and France, where he regularly succeeded in mounting the winner's podium. His competitors of those days, Kai Mahler, Jonas Hunziker and Luca Schuler, are now his teammates. At the age of 13 Andri was invited for the first time to fly with the Swiss freeski team to the USA and take part in professional training sessions there. The teenager benefited greatly from the professional environment and the extensive experience of the team of instructors. Although he was so young he trained hard and systematically and this enabled him to collect further prestigious titles. In spring 2014 Andri made waves in the whole freeski scene for the first time. He was then just 15 years of age and immediately displayed two different triples at the Nine Knights in Livigno. Unusual? Well yes, when you consider that he was trying out the two jumps for the first time and succeeded in performing them right away. And note that this was during a competition!

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