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Water is our DNA

For the past 40 years, Arena has been supplying top swimmers and water sports enthusiasts worldwide with swimwear and accessories for competitions, training and recreational activities. The company’s success is based on extensie research, a lot of technical know-how and uncompromising quality.


Horst Dassler's inspiration was Mark Spitz. At the 1972 Olympics Spitz made history swimming his way to seven Olympic gold medals and setting the world record in all seven events. One year later in 1973 Dassler launched Arena with cutting-edge competitive swimwear.
Forty years later we're still true to that dream. We work with research centres, universities and athletes to discover how to make you swim better and faster. Our waterwear design and materials are in constant evolution. We've expanded our innovation today to meet the needs of all members of the swimming and water sports community.


We are compelled to evolve. It's in our DNA. With evolution comes innovation, and innovation means trying something new.
We study fabric resilience, durability and UV protection, suit construction, body support and shaping for the female figure. From the early days of the sport with swimmers only using breaststroke to competitions today with sixteen separate events. From wool swimsuits to tiny briefs to high-tech full body suits. Swimming and swimwear have progressed enormously over time. And we continue to evolve with the sport and its athletes.


We are 60% water. Water covers more than two-thirds of the earth we live on. Oceans, rivers and lakes, ice caps and glaciers, vapour in the air and moisture in the ground. Without water we would not survive. Our instinct to swim in it runs deep. When we swim we feel the purity and power of water. Our connection with it is visceral. Feel at one with the water. Be in your element.

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