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Sports helmets for more than 60 years

It all began with helmets for race-car drivers. The next step was motorcycle helmets. And today, Bell designs outstanding helmets for almost every sport that requires stable protective headgear.

It's no coincidence that the Bell name is a leader when it comes to top speeds and helmets. Company founder Roy Richter developed an entire industry sector in the 1950s in order to fulfill the incessant needs of speed addicts. People wanted to drive fast – so he opened the world's first auto-tuning garage and provided all the performance-enhancing accessories required. They wanted to race – so he built race cars. And as the addiction to speed revealed its darker side, Bell Helmets was created.

Richter's pioneering spirit has been guiding Bell for almost 60 years and garners the amazement and trust of top drivers over and over again. As the years passed, almost every helmet innovation has been designed by Bell. Whether it is for automobile or motorcycle racing or the sport of cycling, the Bell name stands for trustworthy quality and outstanding performance.


Bell 4Forty

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Sixer MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1701800006
€ 0,00
Super AIR R Spherical MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1702000002
€ 0,00
Super AIR Spherical MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1702000003
€ 0,00
Transfer Helmet
Item No. 1702000005
€ 0,00
Daily LED MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1702000006
€ 0,00
Nomad MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1702000011
€ 0,00
Sidetrack II YC MIPS Helmet
Item No. 1702000014
€ 0,00