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Accessories with a lifetime guarantee

Jim Blackburn developed touring racks and bags in 1975. The first luggage rack made of airplane aluminum came next. The first dual-hub mini pump. And so on...

After an exciting day spent on a bicycle, everything is fine with the world again. In 1975, that was the motivation for our company founder, Jim Blackburn, to develop accessories that would make life easier for cyclists. Components that are more durable, innovative and reliable than all the previous designs. His approach focused on consistent function-oriented design and first-class quality.

We make cycling safer and more comfortable. We make you more independent thanks to better tools and more comfortable racks and bags. We also give you a sense of security with improved safety products. In short: We make it easier for you to live a fitter, healthier life on two wheels. Blackburn products are your reliable companion – mile after mile, ride after ride, day after day.

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