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For two decades Chrome has been the brand of urban mobility in the USA. Minimalist, authentic, functional and cool bags for long-term use in the city.

More than 20 years ago, a group of bicycle couriers and skaters met up in a basement room in Boulder/Colorado, got hold of an old Juki sewing machine, some truck tarps, and tear-proof nylon and salvaged a couple of discarded car safety belts. The reason? There were no courier bags available on the market which met their requirements in terms of indestructibility, functionality, reliable fit, and casual look. So they made short work of creating their own bags – something which didn't go unnoticed on the scene for long. Demand increased and Chrome Industries was established.

The first messenger bag from those days remains virtually unchanged and is still one of the icons of this cult label collection. Right from the outset, Chrome focused on developing solutions which were as minimalist, functional, robust and cool-looking as possible, designing them with great attention to detail, for people who are out and about on bikes or boards on a daily basis. For people who need a reliable partner that fits perfectly, accommodates all types of movement, can take a lot of punishment and is easy to put on and take off. This reasoning generated the brand's distinguishing feature and at the same time unique selling point – the metal buckle, a plug-in clasp from a car safety belt with the striking black and red griffin logo. The mythical griffin, a cross between a lion and an eagle, is a symbol of strength and vigilance – important properties on city streets.

Away from the mainstream, Chrome's bag collection has continued its success story on the urban biker, surfer, and skater scene – both in the USA and beyond. Urban culture is Chrome's playground and represents the brand character. Chrome bags are designed as accessories for the bike, office, and bar and are designed for urban heroes, explorers, and lateral thinkers.

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