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Perfection and Maximum Performance


Courage, integrity and determination made company founder Bjørn Dæhlie one of the most successful Winter Olympians of all time.

Cross-country skiing legend Bjørn Dæhlie pushed the boundaries of his sport throughout the 1990s, winning 12 Olympic and 17 World Championship medals. In 1996, at the highpoint of his career, he founded a clothing brand bearing his own name. For over 20 years we have been developing and optimizing sportswear for cross-country skiers. Now we’re gearing up for the next challenge.

Olympic Testing Laboratory

A new generation of athletes is ready to continue Dæhlie’s record-breaking legacy. DÆHLIE is proud to be an official sportswear supplier for Norway’s national cross-country skiing team: a team that includes Bjørn Dæhlie’s successors, some of today’s best male and female athletes.

All the athletes, trainers and their support crews were supplied with DÆHLIE clothing designed for racing, training and recreation. They are also part of our ongoing product testing program. We collaborate closely with the best skiers in a sport that places incredibly high demands on sports clothing and equipment. This grants us valuable insights into the expectations of these ambitious athletes and gives us the opportunity to constantly stay one step ahead of industry developments.

New Identity

Then as now, DÆHLIE is designed for people who are passionate about cross-country skiing. We constantly strive to develop the best clothing for all seasons to ensure our customers are well-equipped for everything, from extreme training sessions to weekly laps of their favorite arena.

Our identity is evolving, as demonstrated by the new logo and new brand name DÆHLIE; however we’ll never lose our winning mentality, ideals, or our Norwegian skiing heritage.

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