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Driven by Technology

In 1939, the company founder supplied bows with arrows made of aluminum instead of cedar wood. Over 50 years of innovation in lightweight construction technology – that says something!

Easton Cycling consists of two parts science and one part passion. The company was started up in conjunction with the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Since then, Easton has followed one sole objective: to build better bicycles.With countless groundbreaking innovations, Easton's passion for performance and victory has revolutionized the cycling industry. Today, Easton Cycling is the leading company in the design, construction and manufacturing of composite materials. It supplies a complete range of carbon and aluminum wheel sets and components to manufacturers and cyclists around the world, including groundbreaking innovations and products that boast the best price-quality ratio in their category. Thanks to an advanced material mix and intelligent in-house developments, Easton is able to manufacture wheels and components that are lighter than all the rest – and that also far surpass the competition in terms of runability and durability.

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