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Modern Mountain Lifestyle

Modern mountain lifestyle -

the way from a small project to an established brand

The Story

Elevenate was founded in 2010. Since then we have gone from a small project to an established brand, with garments that are sold in carefully selected ski shops around the world and online. We have grown in many ways, but our passion and philosophy remains the same – we make clothes that we want to wear in the outdoors: tailored and anatomically-shaped garments made from the best materials, designed in Åre and tested in the mountains on our doorstep and on our travels.
After a lifetime on skis and more than 20 years in the Alps, with over 6,000 ski days between us, creating Elevenate was simply a natural progression. We moved from Verbier to Åre and started making skiwear the way we like it. Even if I do less guiding nowadays and Sara doesn’t compete anymore, we still ski as much as possible all over the world.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that one step towards reducing environmental impact is not to consume more than necessary. In practice, this means that we want our products to have a sustainable design: longevity, high quality, good durability – criteria for minimising negative environmental impact. Our garments should be able to be worn for many years. Wherever possible, we use bluesign® approved or recycled materials.
Being a business gives us many opportunities to make a difference, which is why environmental work is and must remain a natural part of our decision-making processes.
Elevenate AB works for ecologically sustainable development by:
  • Making carefully considered choices
  • Striving to give our products good longevity
  • Choosing high quality textiles
  • Trying to practice what we preach and promote environmental awareness among our employees.
  • Believing that small steps move us forward towards great results
  • Evaluating environmental and conservation issues in all our decision-making
  • Fulfilling legislated requirements

Product Highlights

M La Bise Jacket
Item No. 7820111031
€ 0,00
M Versatility Shorts
Item No. 7820112051
€ 0,00
M Allmountain Longsleeve
Item No. 7820117025
€ 0,00
W Randonnée Pants
Item No. 7820122040
€ 0,00
W Hybrid Spring Jacket
Item No. 7820123034
€ 0,00
W Après Cord Skirt
Item No. 7820128020
€ 0,00
W Signature Hood
Item No. 7820128074
€ 0,00
Shore Cap
Item No. 7820149010
€ 0,00