EVOC Brandshop is live!

Friday, July 2, 2021
The online world is constantly gaining in importance and has a decisive influence on the purchasing decisions of many consumers.
As you surely already know, many consumers inform themselves in detail about the variety of products online. They match them with their needs in order to efficiently find the perfect product. From the end of June, we would like to make this information available first-hand and are launching the EVOC Brandshop for the Swiss consumer landscape. The figures show that, despite the large online offering, purchases are still predominantly made in stationary retail stores and that specialist retailers act as an important sales channel. In Shop, the product can be physically examined and purchased. That's why we will prominently integrate you as EVOC retailers on the brand page. This symbiosis supports both online and stationary sales. Marketing campaigns can be implemented in a targeted manner in the future and deliveries from abroad to Switzerland can be reduced.

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