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Protective Backpacks 

Founded in 2008, this relatively new Munich company is already one of the most sought-after brands for sporting, travel and protective gear.

Long before starting up the company, the founders were busy exploring the most isolated trails in the world. At some point, they wanted to be able to stop worrying about the functionality of their gear. Thus, they began to develop bags and backpacks to meet their own needs. The high quality and intelligent solutions soon attracted the attention of friends and fellow riders. A passion for sports is still just as evident in the products created by EVOC. The EVOC highlights are backpacks with built-in back protectors and practical features such as a tool pocket, water bottle compartment, helmet holder, etc.

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Product Highlights

Road Bike Bag Pro
Item No. 5300210001
Fr. 0.00
Multi Frame Pack 1L
Item No. 5300250010
Fr. 0.00
Handlebar Pack Boa 5L
Item No. 5300250012
Fr. 0.00
Line R.A.S. 30l System integrated
Item No. 5318223003
Fr. 0.00
Mission Pro 28L Backpack
Item No. 5318230005
Fr. 0.00
Neo 16L Backpack
Item No. 5319220001
Fr. 0.00
Hip Pack Pro 3L + 1,5L Bladder
Item No. 5319224001
Fr. 0.00
Hip Pack Capture 7L
Item No. 5319240008
Fr. 0.00