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Top Performance in Safety and Design

Giro, based in Scotts Valley, CA, is a worldwide leader in high-performance protective gear and accessories for action sports and active lifestyles.

Industrial designer and cyclist Jim Gentes had a great idea in 1985 – to create a completely new type of bicycle helmet. He turned his idea into reality with the help of a few friends in a garage. The result was a company that enabled bikers to break free from the restrictions of conventional thinking.

Jim Gentes took the name "Giro" from the Giro d'Italia. The Italian word "giro" means "round trip" or a "rotation" and symbolizes one of our core beliefs: Everything moves in circles.

Whatever we do at Giro is focused on improving biking pleasure. We craft each connecting joint so that nothing comes between the rider and the experience. Performance, design, protection: All of these combined increase the feelings of freedom and independence that have always made riding a bicycle so exciting.

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Aether Spherical MIPS Helmet
Item No. 3601900001
€ 0,00
Tyrant Spherical MIPS Helmet
Item No. 3602000003
€ 0,00
Radix MIPS Helmet
Item No. 3602000004
€ 0,00
Imperial Shoe
Item No. 3606000096
€ 0,00
Ventana Boa Shoe
Item No. 3606000100
€ 0,00
Xnetic Trail Glove
Item No. 3607000074
€ 0,00
M Havoc Short
Item No. 5600100084
€ 0,00
M Havoc H20 Jacket
Item No. 5600100108
€ 0,00