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Science and Soul

These may seem like two completely disparate ideas – even polar opposites – but throughout Giro Sport Design’s 30-year history we’ve placed equal value on each.

Giro benefits from having world-class resources. We’re based in the action sports wonderland of Santa Cruz, California, surrounded by endless singletrack, beautiful ribbons of pavement and some of the best surf in America. In our headquarters—what we call the Dome—we have more than 50 test fixtures, several 3D printers and our own in-house wind tunnel. We even have a proprietary heat-sensing head form that we call the Therminator that is used to validate vent locations and test cooling power. We geek out on the data churned out by these comprehensive tests, but it’s the ride that motivates us to spend long hours in the test lab.
We’re ride activists. The ride is everything: how we cut loose, how we connect with our community, what we plan our time around. And pardon us if we get evangelical about the ride, but we believe it’s the ultimate opportunity for physics, aesthetics and emotions to align into one beautiful experience. It’s the feeling of arcing the perfect turn. The sound of the peloton humming along at 50 kilometers per hour. It’s pedaling out of the forest and seeing a brand new horizon. Or landing a jump so smoothly it’s like your wheels never left the ground.
New Ideas to Enhance the Ride. We use these words often. Because for us, enhancing your ride (and, perhaps selfishly, enhancing our own) is the greatest motivator. We’ve improved the ride in a lot of great ways over the past 30 years, but if our history is any indication of our trajectory—we’ve just started.

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