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CHRIS sports AG


CHRIS sports: Specialists who know what it's all about

A contagious passion for sports, high quality standards and outstanding speed in delivering orders have been hallmarks of CHRIS sports since 30 years .

Alaska, April 1989: After the Junior World Championships, serviceman Christian "Chris" Bättig decided not to return home right away, but rather to fly on to Salt Lake City with a friend. Their mission: to pedal across the USA. Their vehicle: a mountain bike, which at the time was still relatively unknown in their Swiss homeland but was the perfect choice for them because it wasn't the asphalt highways that attracted the two cyclists, but rather the steep mountain trails and dusty desert paths that they were itching to try out with their wide, knobby tires. After three months, they had spent their last pennies and the two young men traveled back home – with both bikes checked as luggage.
During the first ride in Toggenburg, it quickly became apparent to Christian Bättig that their bikes were exotics in Switzerland, as the trend from North America hadn't quite arrived yet. At the same time, the young carpenter soon realized that the bikes were a big hit with outdoor sports enthusiasts. Things started happening really quickly after that. Driven by his own enthusiasm for the sport and a passion for quality materials, Christian Bättig tracked down the American manufacturer of his bike and became its Swiss importer practically overnight. Christian Bättig had bagged his first brand. 2015 CHRIS sports celebrated the 25th anniversary with Rocky Mountain.

From 2009 until 2017 CHRIS sports has been active in Germany. Due to strategic reasons, the parent company in Norway took over the distribution of Dæhlie in Germany and Austria itself from 2018 onwards.

The brand portfolio in Austria includes, Chrome, Keen, New Balance and since mid-2018 also DUER. In Austria the sales team consists of a sales manager and two sales employees. The showroom in the Brandboxx in Bergheim/Salzburg is the central location where all the customers from Austria can view the new collections.

The logistics processes were carried out by our distribution center in Karlsdorf bei Graz (Austria) until 2021. Since 2021, CHRIS sports has been operating its own distribution center in Frastanz (Austria). As in Switzerland, professional logistics is also important for CHRIS sports in Austria.

In order to be able to use synergies efficiently, the Brand Management, Purchasing, Marketing, Customer Service and Back-Office at CHRIS sports are centralized in Münchwilen.

Today, CHRIS sports AG is a general distributor of 26 top brands.