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Innovative cycling products 

Inventor of the clipless pedal, of the first carbon frame in 1986 and of the first track single-piece carbon frame, LOOK is the worldwide leader of the road clipless pedal.

Its policy in the field of research and development earned it the INPI Trophy of the most innovative small and medium sized firms of France in 2009. LOOK has also won 4 times the Bike of the Year award in France; it was several times awarded the Star of Design as well as the IF Design award in Germany in 2010. LOOK has an incomparable experience and know-how in carbon designing and manufacturing.
An independent company, LOOK has its head office in Nevers, where all the designing and development of products takes place, and a production site. LOOK has a staff of around 420 people throughout the world today.

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E-Road Bike 765 ULTEGRA DI2
Item No. 5901900060
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E-Gravel Bike 765 RIVAL 1X
Item No. 5901900063
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€ 0,00
E-Gotham Bike 765 Optimum
Item No. 5902101215
€ 0,00