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Passion for ball sports

In the days before cross-trainers, slow-motion technology and advertising contracts in sports, the Japanese manufacturer Mikasa Corporation created and then perfected the most crucial part of the game: the ball. Founded in 1917 in Hiroshima, Japan, Mikasa was soon setting the standards in ball sport, and remains today just as passionate about sports as in the early years.

Mikasa products have been used continuously at big international sports events since 1964 as equipment supplier for volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball and water polo competitions. Mikasa has also acted as an exclusive partner to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) since its formation. All international FIVB competitions are played exclusively with Mikasa products.

Rules change, arenas change, and the athletes and fans change constantly, while the intensity of tournament competition has risen to an unprecedented level. The one thing common in every match throughout the years is ... the ball! Mikasa understands every athlete's passion and drive to deliver top performances. That's why we are inspired to develop balls that are as close to perfection as possible, drawing on the revolutionary innovative power of Mikasa.

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Volleyball V200W
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Volleyball V300W
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Volleyball V345W
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Mini Volleyball V1.5W
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Beach Volleyball VLS300
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Beach Volleyball VXT30
Item No. 7500100127
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Beach Volleyball VX30
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Beach Volleyball VXL30
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