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Uncompromising Functionality


Mountain Hardwear means uncompromising functionality. Equipment that supports and improves the performance of the athlete. Products of high quality materials with the best technologies. These values characterize Mountain Hardwear since the beginning.

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by pioneers from the outdoor industry with great knowledge and much experience. Since then, the brand has become one of the largest in the outdoor segment. New innovations and technologies have shaped the company's history. The results are waterproof backpacks, ultralight sleeping bags, expedition tents as well as high quality outdoor clothing.

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W Superforma™ Jacket
Item No. 7200OL0774
Fr. 0.00
W StretchDown™ Hooded Jacket
Item No. 7200OL0933
Fr. 0.00
CloudSeeker™ Jacket
Item No. 7200OM0728
Fr. 0.00
CloudSeeker™ Bib
Item No. 7200OM0729
Fr. 0.00
StretchDown™ DS Hooded Jacket
Item No. 7200OM0752
Fr. 0.00