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Innovation made in Boston and the UK

The New Balance story began in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 with shoe inserts for people with foot problems. Today, New Balance is one of the world's most innovative manufacturers of running shoes.

Within a century, New Balance has grown from a small orthopedic workshop to an international enterprise. Ever since presenting its first running shoe in 1938, the company has remained true to its time-tested philosophy: produce first-class products, with shoes in various widths that offer runners a high degree of comfort without limiting performance. Production has also taken place in Europe, in the north-west English town of Flimby, since 1982, because local production is THE strategy for making first-class products.
This commitment extends to more than just shoes. A portion of the company's earnings are channeled into the New Balance Foundation, which supports a variety of initiatives for children. During development and manufacturing, attention is given to eco-friendliness, recycling materials and raising awareness among employees.

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