We ride in Iran

Monday, November 28, 2016

„Salam Azizam“ means „Hello my friend“. The movie tells the story of a road trip and a close-knit community of skiers who claim to be in a unusual place.

In April 2013 we reached Teheran with Benoît Goncerut. For almost two months now we had been journeying towards Iran in an old BMW. This is the final country on a long trip made for the West Switzerland radio station Couleur 3, taking us to the freeski and snowboarding scenes of the countries of former Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

No sooner did we arrive in Iran than we were catapulted off into the skiing region of Dizin, about one hour to the north of Tehran. We feel somewhat lost, disoriented by the discrepancy between our preconceived ideas and the scene that presented itself to our amazed eyes. Right from our first day in Dizin we were continually meeting people who could hardly be more different. As Swiss Riders we were soon introduced to the chairman of the Iranian skiing association, the director of cable cars, and especially Amir.

Amir set up a café on the piste, and acts as a kind of elder brother to the snowboarding and freeski community in Iran. It was thanks to him that we went on to travel to Iran more than ten times in just three years.

And it was with Amir that we decided in autumn 2013 to create the project "We Ride in Iran", with the goal of supporting the riding in this country by means of coaching sessions and freestyle contests.

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