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Designed and tested in Vancouver, BC 

What's the mood like at Rocky Mountain? Fun, with new bikes and lots of changes. The Rocky Mountain Renaissance is in full swing. We're back – and better than ever.

Enthusiasm for mountain biking is what motivated the founders of Rocky Mountain as they started up their brand in the basement of a bike shop Vancouver in 1981. After 31 years, our approach and working style have remained the same. We still put top priority on technology and quality instead of on mass production and price. And now and again, we still quit work early to get out and bust some trails together.
Our commitment is to design and build the best bikes in the world, which is why we have formed a team of engineers here in Vancouver. We work together with the best technical riders and run tests on the most challenging trails around. This enables us to be able to respond to suggestions and feedback immediately and try them out on several prototypes before the bike is added to a series. Even though the majority of the development takes place on a computer, nothing beats direct feedback, where the wheels meet the ground. And roots. And stones ...
Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Designed and tested in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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