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Selle Italia

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More than 120 years of pioneering spirit, more than 120 years of innovation coupled paired with tradition. 

Selle Italia is one of the best known saddle manufacturers on the market. For 120 years, the company has been working on optimal construction, revolutionizing the sport saddle. At their headquarter in Casella d'Asolo, Italy, they are constantly working on innovations for the perfect saddle.
The first saddles to leave production in 1897 were made for transport bikes. At that time, the car was a luxury good for the few, the bicycle was the mean of transport for the mass. After the car became the main mean of transport in the 1970s, Selle Italia concentrated entirely on cycling. And this was the right decision. Every Selle Italia saddle is the result of tireless research and scientific studies. Millimetre by millimetre, material by material, Selle Italia collaborates with the best scientists and doctors: In this way, they develop products that come close to perfection, adapted to male and female physique and meet the highest demands. Selle Italia has become synonymous with innovation, new construction techniques and best materials. The saddles have become a cult object for cyclists all over the world, amateurs and professionals alike.

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