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Cycle gear and outerwear for urban and natural spaces. Fair trade, socially conscious, environmentally friendly and made in Croatia.

In 1994 we were off exploring the trails of Lake Garda – our biking Mecca. With our new driving license in our pocket, the van full of camping gear, bikes and friends. At night we slept out on the pebble beach, and during the day we pedaled up meter by meter, in search of the perfect flow. 601 and Sentiero della Pace were the names of the trails on which we struck the links on our chains and roughed up our shins. What we were missing was the flow. That is, until we were given a crucial tip in a pizzeria.
The next day we rode 1,600 meters higher, and then we could hardly believe our luck. A trail appeared at the end of an alpine meadow. Number: 222. Pine needles on soft forest floor alternated with technical sections in an ideal rhythm. Rejoicing on conquering the exposed stretches, as we let gravity take us down the valley. The trail really impressed us. Rarely have we experienced the perfect symbiosis between the beauty of nature and the technical demands of the trail as here.
We spent the whole day in our cut-off military trousers and worn T-shirts – the main thing was that the style was right. There was no question of us choosing neon-polyester outfits. We felt most comfortable on the bike dressed in our favorite rags. But they were not very practical for the purpose. And that’s what we wanted to change.


We love sustainable design, we favor timeless style, and yet we want the ideal practicality. We want to go to work smartly dressed and then after the office go straight to the peaks. So we designed clothing that will meet all your requirements both in the city and surrounded by nature. Whether waterproof or suitable for everyday wear, we develop products that look stylish and are well thought-out from top to toe. We make all-round functional items in a timeless sustainable design.
Sustainability and fairness are not just a fad for us but a must. We want to do things differently. It is not enough for us to only use sustainable materials. We love challenges and we live to master them. Therefore we use renewable raw materials and recycled materials from Europe. None of our products should have a detrimental effect on the people who make Triple2 what it is. Whether it is the fabric-dyers in Italy, or the logistics specialists in Munich. We are keen to ensure fair wages and fair working conditions – whatever the job. This is why our products are manufactured not in Asia but only in Croatia.

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